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**FOR SALE** 1939 Minneapolis Moline R-CAB

1939 Minneapolis Moline R-CAB Tractor

Asking $60,000 USD + Applicable Taxes.

The tractor made famous by the Cars Movie as the victims of the tractor (cow) tipping. The Minneapolis-Moline model R tractor appeared in 1939, completing the family of three sizes of row-crop and standard-tread tractors. This 2-plow tractor was unique as it could be equipped with an optional steel cab. The cab provided almost as much visibility for the operator as the open operator’s station, because it was equipped with a long glass window on each side of the fuel tank to observe the rows when working in row crops. The cab did not interfere with the front-mounted cultivator or planter. The side windows of the cab could be rolled down for ventilation. The folding-type door with windows on the rear of the cab provided access to the large operator’s platform.

In 1939 there was a lot of resistance to the R Cab and it garnered the nick name Sissy Cab. Most farmers felt it was unmanly to sit inside while tractoring so dealers removed the cabs to sell the tractors. This resulted in very few original 1939 R cabs tractors surviving in one piece. The cabs themselves were usually just put out back in storage. In 1940 it became harder for tractor dealers to get new stock as the US was ramping up for war. Demand outstripped supply and many dealers in an effort to rid themselves of the superfluous cabs mounted them on 1940 tractors.

The remounted cabs are actually easy to determine because the gas tank was two parts in 1940 and had a seam running around it for which the cab had to be notched. The 1939 tank had no seam so the original R cabs have no accommodating notch.

No other MM is as dramatic except for much large and far more expensive UDLX which had a bench seat in it and full fenders so you could take the family to church in your tractor on weekends.

Restored, flat lens head lights, MM RT-684 front wheel weights, belt pulley drawbar, Firestone 10-36 and Super Rib 4-15 tires, Engine no. 0174902377. Fold down seat.

Contact us for any information regarding shipping to the USA. We have exported many vehicles over 25 yrs old into the US and it is very straightforward. Prices are USD + Applicable Taxes

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